Origami Lily Flower Instructions

Origami Lily

origami lily flower


Design  traditional
Material one sheet sheet of paper, dual colour
Difficulty easy
Time about 10 minutes


The origami lily flower is a traditional model that is easy to do. In fact, it’s one of the first models I learned. So I can safely recommend it for beginners. It takes about ten minutes to fold, when you first learn how to make this origami flower. With a little practise it can be done in just five minutes. But still: it’s art and not race 🙂



This video explains how to make the lily step by step.


For this model I also prepared an origami diagram.  Download it as printable PDF instructions or  png bitmap. To edit the diagram use the inkscape svg



Lily Origami Diagram

just click to view the diagram

download PDF get .svg

This Diagram by tavinsorigami.com, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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Born and raised in Germany, Wolf aka Tavin is a YouTube Origami guru. On this website he writes about origami and his instructional videos as well as everything between the folds

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