Origami Box with Lid

Origami Box with Lid

Origami Box with Lid

Origami Box with lid (chest)

Design by traditional (unknown)
Material two square sheets of paper, single colour
Difficulty easy
Time about five minutes

This origami treasure Chest consist of two parts. So you will also need to sheets of the same size.

The proportions of the box are: 1/2 wide, 1/4 and 1/4 deep. This is in relation to the size of the sheets (1).


Just follow this simple Video tutorial.


I love this Box because it’s really useful. I personally use it to store by teabags. With niche paper, it’s much nicer to look at, then the packing they come in. But also cookies or jewelry can be store in the chest. When you use stronger paper, also heavier objects can be hold by this box. It’s much more stable compared to the traditonal masu box.

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