Origami Frog folding Instructions

Origami Frog

green origami frog


Design  traditional
Material one sheet sheet of paper,
Difficulty easy
Time about 10 minutes


The origami frog is a traditional model that is very easy. In fact, it is the very  first model I learned. So I can safely recommend it for beginners. It takes about five minutes to fold. Once you practiced a little how to fold this jumping frog you will be able to fold it much quicker.



Here is my howto-video on how to fold the jumping frog.


I really like this model so I took the time to make a diagram for it. I used the vector graphics program inkscape to create these instructions for the frog. And because it is a traditional model I release it under a creative commons license. You can read more about the license for the origami frog on the bottom of this post.

Download the Origami Frog Diagram PDF to print it out. Use the png bitmap to take a look at it on your phone or other device that can not open PDF instructions. To edit and improve the diagram please use the inkscape svg file. If you improved it please share it with me and others. You can use my contact form to get in touch with me.



origami frog instructions digram

download PDF get .svg


making the origami frog jump

to make the frog you you need to push down the back of the frog with one finger. Then you pull back your finger until it slips down from the frog. This will make the frog jump high in the air. If you want to make your frog jump really high try to use smaller sheets of paper to fold your frog or fold it from thicker paper.


This Diagram by tavinsorigami.com, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution share-alike  License. This means you can use the diagram in any way you like as long as you credit me. And if you change the file you need to release your new Diagram under the same license.

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  • By Yuri - Reply

    I used normal paper and it did not work

  • By Yuri - Reply

    Well your still very good at it

  • By OrigamiPrincess - Reply

    Any paper will work – as long as it’s square 🙂

  • By abduvohid1434@gmail.com - Reply

    worked for me

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