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Waterbomb Origami Instructions

Video Instructions for the Waterbomb

The waterbomb, sometimes also called origami cube, or water baloon is a traditional origami model. Since it uses just a sqaure sheet of paper and no cuts this a great origami for kids. There is no need for special paper, you can use copy paper, notepads, all kinds of paper that hold a crease work great with this classic model.

Origami Waterbomb Diagram
water bomb aka water baloon

Origami Table

How to make an easy Origami Table

The table is a traditional origami model that is easy to fold and suitable for beginners.

Design traditional
Material quadratic sheet
Difficulty easy
Time to fold about 7 minutes



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Akira Yoshizawa – Wikipedia Article

Akira Yoshizawa Origami Master

A few weeks ago I decided to improve the Origami related articles on Wikipedia. So far I was able to write the  Akira Yoshizawa article in German from scratch. Also I improved the English one. My thanks go out to the people of the origami mailing list that provided pictures.  Especially to Peter Engel, who donated a image of the master to illustrate the article.

I hope that some of you take up the ball and help me improve the Wikipedia on the matter of Origami. Every Article of famous folders could use some love, especially concerning good sources.

– I will keep you updated and  wish you good folds.