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Origami Dog

This dog is super cute and I wanted to make a good tutorial available of it, I found an abstuse intructable, but I thought I could do a better job. And because I liked the model so much, I also drew a diagram.

Unfortunately I don’t know who designed this cute dog, but It was too pretty not to share. If you know the source of this model, please let me know!

Origami Cat Instructions

This cute cat is a little more challenging. Unfortunately I don’t know who designed it, but I really like it. I planed to make an instructional origami video of this cat for years. It took the mess of 2020 to finaly get around it. Hope you enjoy.

an origami sloth folded from paper hanging from a tree branch

Origami Sloth

The origami sloth by Anita Boubour is based on the frog based and takes a little longer to fold. A patiente Beginner can probably fold it, but I recommend a little folding experice in advance before trying this fold.

Design Anita Boubour
Material  quadratic sheet
Difficulty low intermediate
Time to fold about 15 minutes
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Origami Frog folding Instructions

Origami Frog

green origami frog


Design  traditional
Material one sheet sheet of paper,
Difficulty easy
Time about 10 minutes


The origami frog is a traditional model that is very easy. In fact, it is the very  first model I learned. So I can safely recommend it for beginners. It takes about five minutes to fold. Once you practiced a little how to fold this jumping frog you will be able to fold it much quicker.

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