Minecraft Block Origami

Minecraft Block Origami

Origami Minecraft Block Template 

Design  traditional
Material one printed template
Difficulty easy
Time about 7 minutes

This is just a waterbomb with a special template. You download the printable template here  or below. The Template has ben created by James Fritzler from reticent Arts

Minecraft Template


Tastes vary. So I included different kind of instructions to learn how to fold this mouse. Some might prefer the written instructions, others may think the tutorial video is more easy to follow.


I made those diagrams myself using the open source software inkscape. I hope you enjoy the result.

You can download  the Origami Waterbomb or just use the image below.

Origami Waterbomb Diagram

Download PDF



I believe in sharing. So this Origami Waterbomb is license under a free license. What does that mean for you? I chose the CC-BY-SA license, so you can share and even sell the diagrams as long as you credit me. If you build upon my work your new creation needs also to be under this license. This Idea is called “copyleft”. You can copy as long as you let others copy. So rather the prohibiting sharing, this license forces you to share. 🙂

For example you can hand this diagram out in class. You can even make your own instructions based on mine as long as you share alike.
Creative Commons License
Origami Waterbomb by Tavin’s Origami is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

About Tavin

Born and raised in Germany, Wolf aka Tavin is a YouTube Origami guru. On this website he writes about origami and his instructional videos as well as everything between the folds

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