Kissing Frog Origami

Kissing Frog Origami

a kissing frog with red lips


Design traditional
Material one sheet of Kami dual coloured and a second sheet of paper half the size of the first
Difficulty easy
Time to fold about 7 minutes

This frog is a nice piece of Action Origami, that I learned from Stephan Weber

kissing frog animation

the kissing frog in action, just push the side to make the mouth move



Follow the tutorial video below to learn how to make your own Kissing frog.


You can use any quadratic sheet of paper. This model really does not ask for any special paper. I use 15cm Kami in the Video. You can get the paper here(affiliate link).
For best results use one green sheet and red sheet. Cut the red sheet in four smaller sqaures. So you can have a frog with with white eyes read lips and a green body.

15 x 15 cm - 500 sheets origami paper- blue box

the Origami Paper used in this video




As with all my video origami tutorials I recommend to first watch the video of the frog completly, then try folding it yourself. If you neat to you can make the video slower by clicking on the gear


This action origami can easily be used to illustrate the famous fairytale of the frog prince. I had great success with teaching it to kindergarden children. Kids just love origami that moves! By folding one frog without lips to the one with lips one can achieve the effect of having a male and a female frog origami. The kissing frogs make great origami puppets.

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