Origami fish instructions

The origami fish an easy traditional model that also kids can learn to fold.

orange origami fish on blue background

Design traditional
Material quadratic sheet
Difficulty easy
Time to fold about 5 minutes


You can follow along with the step by step instructions in the video or fold from the diagram.

Video Tutorial


Origami Fish Diagram

You can download the diagram as a PDF for free. Just click the button below. You can enter 0 to get the printable Origami Fish PDF for free. You can also choose to enter an amount to support me and my Origami Instructions. If that is too much trouble, just use the picture of the Diagram.

origami fish diagram as PNG

The Diagram is Licensed under CC-BY-SA , so you can use it for free even in commercial context as long as you give credit.



The origami koi fish does not need to be folded from special paper. The only thing to keep in mind that it needs to be quadratic. I use 15cm time 15cm Origami Paper in the Video. this Origami Paper is Called Kami. You can buy the paper online or in crafting stores. But cutting printer paper down to a square before folding will work just as well.


About the Origami Fish

This origami model is traditional. That means no one knows who folded it first and that the model is in the public domain. This model also uses cutting. This was common in traditional Origami and only later was considered cheating. Today Origami with cutting is often called Kirigami instead of Origami. This is a popular craft with kids. Due to the cutting I recommend the supervision of an adult. There are also a lot of other models that can be folded without scissors. Simple Origami Examples for Kids include the Kabuto Samurai Hat and the Jumping Frog. I linked to instructions for both of them.


About Tavin

Born and raised in Germany, Wolf aka Tavin is a YouTube Origami guru. On this website he writes about origami and his instructional videos as well as everything between the folds

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