Monkey climbing the moutain

On my way back from this years origami-convention in Freising . I met a couple of nice children, who had just moved from the US to Germany, in the train. Especially one of the Girls was eager to learn a few models from me, when I offered her to teach. Her younger Sister, Emma, insisted on joining us. which was really funny since she’s only four years old. Still, the enthusiasm and the joy both radiated while folding really reminded me of why I love folding. Emma especially loved the climbing monkey. And I promised her to do a video of it so she could try too.

Here it is:

diagram for the monkey climbing the moutain

for downloads go to the Diagrams section


I gave the Father of the family my card, so Chuck if you’re reading this:

You have a lovely family and your and your families kindness really brightened up my day. I’d love to hear from you again. And to all other readers, you are welcome to comment too 🙂

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Born and raised in Germany, Wolf aka Tavin is a YouTube Origami guru. On this website he writes about origami and his instructional videos as well as everything between the folds

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