roulette by Paolo Basketta

Origami Star Instructions

Origami star

roulette by Paolo Basketta

Roulette Star by Paolo Basketta


This star was designed Paolo Bascetta, who is famous for his modular Stars. The design is also called roulette or spinning star. You need nine sheets of paper to fold it.  One of the simple  module takes less  than a minute to make. This makes the origami star a great project for beginners.


  • Origami-paper of different colours make it a great door wreath.
  • also  can be used as a throwing ninja star (“shuriken”)




Videos are great and all, but free diagrams and instructions are better!
Get the PDF here.
For those who want to edit the instructions, you can  download the .svg vector graphics, I created the diagram using inkscape.
The Instructions are licensed under Creative Commons. This means the are free to share.


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Personal Notes

I like this model because it is really stable without glue. Usually I find modulars annoying and repetitive. But those nine modules are quickly folded with little afford.
The diagrams took about two ours to make. There is also a Video of that.

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