an origami sloth folded from paper hanging from a tree branch

Origami Sloth

The origami sloth by Anita Boubour is based on the frog based and takes a little longer to fold. A patiente Beginner can probably fold it, but I recommend a little folding experice in advance before trying this fold.

Design Anita Boubour
Material  quadratic sheet
Difficulty low intermediate
Time to fold about 15 minutes


The how to video explains every step of the folding process for the sloth in a visual way, without the need to learn how to read diagrams. If you however know how to interpret the symbols (tutorial here) it might be quicker to follow the diagrams for the paper sloth below.

Video Tutorial

Origami Sloth Diagram

You can download the instructional diagrams on how to fold a sloth on Sarah Adams homepage

sketch of the origami sloth by anita boubour


The sloth has a lot of layers of paper on top of each other. Becaus of this I recommend some Kami , special origami paper, that is a little thinner than printer paper. I use 15cm time 15cm Origami Paper in the Video. You can buy a big pack of 500 shets online or in crafting stores for about 15$.

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