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roulette by Paolo Basketta

Origami Star Instructions

Origami star

roulette by Paolo Basketta

Roulette Star by Paolo Basketta


This star was designed Paolo Bascetta, who is famous for his modular Stars. The design is also called roulette or spinning star. You need nine sheets of paper to fold it.  One of the simple  module takes less  than a minute to make. This makes the origami star a great project for beginners.

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Flapping Bird Origami-Instructions

flapping bird


The flapping bird is based on a design by Samuel Randlett. It is action origami because the bird actually moves and flaps it’s wings.
This simple design can be folded under 5 Minutes even by beginners. You don’t need special paper it just needs to be a square.


I just made diagrams of the flapping bird. I hope you find them useful.

Diagram of the flapping bird


Also available as SVG and PDF. The Instructions are licensed under Creative Commons. This means you are welcome to share them for free with all origami enthusiast!


You can find more instructions under Diagrams

Napkin Lotus

The Lotus sometimes also called the water lilly is a simple traditional design, that cna be folded either from paper or napkins. I suggest napkins because they don’t tear so easily making the whole model a lot easier to accomplish.


This model has been designed by Anita Barbour. I love how it uses a fish-base in a simple but clever way. It’s a good example of how origami can be easy and pretty at the same time. I have to thank Anita for allowing me to show you this. I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do!



Monkey climbing the moutain

On my way back from this years origami-convention in Freising . I met a couple of nice children, who had just moved from the US to Germany, in the train. Especially one of the Girls was eager to learn a few models from me, when I offered her to teach. Her younger Sister, Emma, insisted on joining us. which was really funny since she’s only four years old. Still, the enthusiasm and the joy both radiated while folding really reminded me of why I love folding. Emma especially loved the climbing monkey. And I promised her to do a video of it so she could try too.

Here it is:

diagram for the monkey climbing the moutain

for downloads go to the Diagrams section


I gave the Father of the family my card, so Chuck if you’re reading this:

You have a lovely family and your and your families kindness really brightened up my day. I’d love to hear from you again. And to all other readers, you are welcome to comment too 🙂

Tavin’s Turtle

Finally I can present my turtle to you. I firstly  made it two  years ago and it went through some heavy development since. Below you can find a diagram and an instructional video .

Diagram as PDF and PNG

winge heart by francis ow

Fresh Folds: Wingend Heart by Francis Ow

In the category Fresh Folds I show you what I folded recently.

Winged Heart by Francis Owwinge heart by francis ow

winge heart by francis ow

I folded this because Valetines is comming up and also I promised a video tutorial of this model to a few people for over a year now. (The recording is done now)

But to the model itself: I’m not a big fan of cheesy origami so that is probably why I have mixed feelings about this fold. Still I found the folding sequence rather interesting especially the way it includes somewhat a windmill-base and the colour change is done. It was interesting to find out there is also a version of this with one color that had a very different folding sequence in the diagram and hasn’t got the extra layer on the wings (I can’t link it due to copyright) If everything goes well there will be a video of this fold within a week. Mr. Ow already granted me permission to do so.




Bird of Paradise

During the holidays there were a few tables to decorate. I stumbled upon the fact that I can not really do any neat napkinfolds. I decided to change that and looked at one website or another and discovered the bird of paradise. My favourite napkinfold so far. Folding napkin differs quite a bit from paperfolding and there are interesting things that napkins can do which paper can’t. I’m always happy to find knew areas of folding. Below you find the tutrial I mad efor the bird of paradise. enjoy!