winge heart by francis ow

Fresh Folds: Wingend Heart by Francis Ow

In the category Fresh Folds I show you what I folded recently.

Winged Heart by Francis Owwinge heart by francis ow

winge heart by francis ow

I folded this because Valetines is comming up and also I promised a video tutorial of this model to a few people for over a year now. (The recording is done now)

But to the model itself: I’m not a big fan of cheesy origami so that is probably why I have mixed feelings about this fold. Still I found the folding sequence rather interesting especially the way it includes somewhat a windmill-base and the colour change is done. It was interesting to find out there is also a version of this with one color that had a very different folding sequence in the diagram and hasn’t got the extra layer on the wings (I can’t link it due to copyright) If everything goes well there will be a video of this fold within a week. Mr. Ow already granted me permission to do so.




Bird of Paradise

During the holidays there were a few tables to decorate. I stumbled upon the fact that I can not really do any neat napkinfolds. I decided to change that and looked at one website or another and discovered the bird of paradise. My favourite napkinfold so far. Folding napkin differs quite a bit from paperfolding and there are interesting things that napkins can do which paper can’t. I’m always happy to find knew areas of folding. Below you find the tutrial I mad efor the bird of paradise. enjoy!

Akira Yoshizawa – Wikipedia Article

Akira Yoshizawa Origami Master

A few weeks ago I decided to improve the Origami related articles on Wikipedia. So far I was able to write the  Akira Yoshizawa article in German from scratch. Also I improved the English one. My thanks go out to the people of the origami mailing list that provided pictures.  Especially to Peter Engel, who donated a image of the master to illustrate the article.

I hope that some of you take up the ball and help me improve the Wikipedia on the matter of Origami. Every Article of famous folders could use some love, especially concerning good sources.

– I will keep you updated and  wish you good folds.